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EGC, Ltd is a pioneer in retail energy marketing and recognizes the importance of delivering on its promises. This experience and dedication has created a reputation for EGC, Ltd synonymous with volume, quality and longevity.


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Partner Results

 EGC, Ltd’s longest standing relationship is with Volunteer Energy based out of Pickerington OH. We have put on over 2,000,000 commercial and residential natural gas customers in OH, MI, KY, IN and PA since 1999. Our targeted sales campaigns have also seen great returns for Constellation Energy & AEP, two of our largest suppliers.

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IDT Energy is our largest volume partner. Based out of Newark, New Jersey, IDT Energy began utilizing our marketing teams in 2005 and since we have created over one million commercial and residential customers in New York City, NJ, PA and MA and still continue to deliver success. EGC, LTD. has partnered with IDT Energy to market its Green Energy products to customers along the eastern coastal region of the United States.

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EGC, LTD. delivers successful sales for its clients, consistently creating thousands of customers each week for energy suppliers in diverse markets across the country. We have created well over a million of commercial and residential customers in OH, IN, NY, NJ, PA, CT, MI and MA and still continue to deliver success for retail suppliers such as IDT Energy, Volunteer Energy and Spark Energy just to name a few. Our teams deliver thousands of new customers each week for our clients and we can do the same for you.

EGC, LTD About Us.

EGC, LTD. was founded in 1999 and is currently based out of Columbus, Ohio. Our experience as one of the longest standing retail energy marketing companies allows us to partner with some of the top leaders in the industry, including multiple Fortune 500 companies where we do customer procurement in IL, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH & PA. With a commitment to work harder and smarter, EGC, LTD. has created millions of commercial and residential customers for its clients using proven direct marketing and telesales methods..


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EGC, LTD. delivers between four and five thousand customers a week during peak times. At EGC, LTD. we understand that we get paid for results not effort; this creates a sales/marketing culture focused on ever increasing production and sales volume.

Mission statement:

EGC, LTD, strives to be the most innovative and aggressive sales force in the retail energy industry while maintaining a position as the direct marketing firm of choice. We are able to achieve these goals by working with honesty and integrity while keeping the client’s as well as the customer’s best interests in mind.


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